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music research

There have been big changes in the way that young people have been listening to music. For one, there has been an increase in projects focused on intimate performances. Also, we are seeing an end to music genres. Projects like British Sofar Sounds, Airbnb Concerts or the new Brazilian live music subscription service, Artsy Club, point to that change. An independent research study in Brazil was launched to better understand the new music consumption behaviour of 20- to 30-year-olds across Brazil.


The research study was done by Flow Creative Core, a Brazilian based startup that merges experience and content in music and culture, in partnership with Portland-based researcher Derek Derzevic. The analyses included interviews with 500 people, the majority of them being those in their 20 and 30’s in 10 Brazilian cities.


For the data analysis, researchers used the SPSS platform (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), the research was done with a non-probable sample of 95% accuracy, with a margin of error of 5%. The presented data has statistical validity and represents the entire population that was studied.


The research discovered interesting information about: music consumption, format of live music, searching and sharing habits of music and the presence of brands in live music events.

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